Rolling Papers

The Gateway Documentary

Colorado is the ground zero of ganja. Coincidentally, it is also where marijuana prohibition began in 1937. After a lurid national propaganda campaign, thanks in part to the film Reefer Madness, congress passed the “Marihuana” Tax Act, effectively criminalizing the drug for the past 77 years. Until now…

In 2012, voters embraced recreational marijuana legalization for with the passage of Amendment 64 to the Colorado constitution – the first ever to do so. And on January 1, 2014, Colorado was finally ready to open the doors for recreational marijuana sales. How will the controversial issue of legalization shift the culture, economy and politics of the state – and potentially the country? Or even the world?

In preparation for this societal experiment, The Denver Post appointed the first ever Marijuana Editor and makes the first official endorsement of the industry as legitimate by a major media outlet. It’s a huge risk for a dying industry (print journalism) to hedge its bets on a burgeoning industry (marijuana).

After 12 years as The Denver Post’s music critic and entertainment editor, Ricardo Baca is the film’s central character. He was tasked with launching a website dedicated to cannabis news and culture by building a team of crack journalists and green freelancers. Together, they set out to cover history in the making. It’s legal, now what?