Tim Kaminski is simply addicted to visual storytelling. Since 2008, he has worked on over fifty projects, from company profiles to music videos to feature films and documentaries, in a variety of roles. Initially drawn to writing and directing, he also lays claim to credits ranging from location manager to associate producer and has over a thousand hours of editing under his belt. Convinced that there are an unlimited amount of fascinating and inspiring original tales to be told, and intent on being a part of as many as he can, Tim takes great pride in wholly committing himself to making the most of every story.

Recently, Tim has worked as a co-editor on Rolling Papers, as an assistant editor to Davis Coombe on Being Evel, from director Daniel Junge and as a production coordinator and location manager on The Frame from Jamin Winans. Tim lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife Emily, their ping-pong table and his (for now) imaginary dog Hounds Gruber.

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